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CoD2 zPAM v2.07 Released!

22.02.2015 um 20:20 Uhr,

Call of Duty 2 Community zPam Update

To download the latest version of zPAM go to


Fixed nonsolid window in middle building on Carentan.
Removed killtrigger and fixed nonsolid window from Axis house in Burgundy, you can now jump on right roof from window.
Fixed bug in B cart on Burgundy where you could be invisible while crouching.
Fixed bug located on B bombsite in Burgundy where you could prone into the wall.
Adjusted HUD elements in strat to visually blend in as part of zPAM
Removed map overview cause of some backend issues.
Fixed "Allies/Axis eliminated" text popping out in killfeed before the last player was killed.
Removed ESL modes and changed eumr3, eumr10, eumr12, eumr15 to mr3, mr10, mr12, mr15.

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